Computer Repairs
Southeastern Computer Center

Computer Repairs

Our service department offer a variety of repair services on all PC brand computers. we offer diagnostics to see what the problems may be, repairs as, virus & spyware removal, parts repair & replacements. we offer upgrades as power supply, memory, motherboard, switch, hard drives, SSD drives, CD & DVD Drive installs or replacements, We have a onboard Teck for helping with Gaming Machines, Business Computers & Hi Graphic, Systems. so no matter what the problem we can fix the machine.

Laptop Repairs

We have a repair Teck to work on laptops . We do a lot of screen replacements, Power plug replacements, Hinge replacements, motherboard replacements if Available, fan replacements , Keyboard replacements upgrades to hard drives, memory. We carry a large stock of New Power packs, for a large variety of Laptops. We can order new batteries also. For operating systems see below.

Health Checks

As computers get older they do need to be checked out, Systems cleaned out of junk files, the cooling systems inside need to be cleaned, fans checked out to see if everything is working correct. The drivers that operate the different devices inside need to be updated to insure you have a good working system.

Data Recovery & Backup

If your Computer fails to want to boot up into windows, Don’t fear about data loss, We can take and remove the hard drives and so long as the hard drive is not dead or been formated, we can in most cases get the data recovered and backed up. If you have purchased a new computer and need your data from the old system moved we can take care of that also.

Software Installation

Our tecks can take and in stall new operating system or reinstall operating system. If you are not sure about installing software we can help in the installation of a large variety of software. Call us about software installs. we can schedule a time for you to bring in the system.

Custom Builds

Southeastern is Pensacola’s oldest computer builder, we have been building systems over 36 years. If you need a custom built system we can do that, we will have you come in and talk to a Teck and find out what you are looking for and design a system for you, we build and test the system from home machines, network workstations, gaming machines we can build a system to fit you needs. we can also design computer networks for small business also.
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We offer a large variety of services from repairs to Desktop Computers, Notebook (Laptop) Computers, some monitor repairs. we carry a good amount of components to repair and build systems or upgrade systems. We carry large amount of repair parts, Power supplies for desktops & Laptops and cables ( network, usb, power cables, hard drive cables, monitor cables) .